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The Stable is a not for profit community interest company, and we subsidise a whole host of community activities and groups, and don't receive any special funding for our work with adults who have additional learning or health needs.

We try to run a sustainable business model, but we are always very grateful to receive donations to our running costs.

Each year we host over 7500 hours of room bookings, many to voluntary and community groups, and to aid recovery from the pandemic, in 2020 we lowered all of our room hire costs to just £10 an hour, but with the rising costs of everything, subsidising things like room hire is becoming harder and harder.

For example 7500 hours of room bookings equals

864 jumbo toilet rolls. Which costs us around £1400 per year!

8200 Tea bags. Which costs us around £492 per year!

You can help...

Choose if you would like to make a one off or regular donation below.

A monthly donation of just £10 can make a real difference to the community around you.

Links coming soon!

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