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The Stable Foundation

The Stable was established in 2017, and opened it's doors to the public in 2018.

It is an independent, not for profit, community interest company, with a board of 5 voluntary trustees.

In 2018, it was a relatively small space, a little under 3000 sqft and consisted of 2 private offices, 4 meeting rooms and some coworking space. 

In January 2019 Jemma Coles joined The Stable and in this time a pre-planned space expansion took The Stable from 3000 sqft to 7000 sqft.

At this point The Stable was a small project in the corner of Grove Village with two members of staff, Jemma and Paul (The buildings Caretaker) and that's how it stayed for the next 7 months. Jemma and Paul worked tirelessly to try to make the building less formal and turn it into a community space that people would want to work, live and play from. In November 2020, they were joined by Emma as a part time business administration apprentice. 

With the space settled and the offices full, The Stable started to look at other ways to support the community around us, and started to create roles for young adults so that they could develop skills, confidence and general well-being.

Google Digital Garage at The Stable Creative Hub Weston.jpg

From there grew Stable Foundations

Now across 5 buildings in Grove Village, The Stable has launched Stable Foundations, which provides a wide range of day opportunities, and provision to enable people to live and work independently in the local community.

In the last 12 months we have work with over 175 people – ensuring that we put them at the centre of all that we do to develop their skills and independence whilst also having fun!

The Stable enables us to provide work-experience through, maintenance of the buildings, serving in the cafe and board game pub, helping in the kitchen,  organising and helping at events, and helping with office and admin roles. 

We run three social enterprises which support our Work programme.

The Stable enables us to provide work-experience through maintenance of the buildings, events and office and admin roles.

The Stable Games Room provides hospitality training in our fantastic board game pub.

The Cafe at The Stable offers training places in our community Café and customer service.

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