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The Stable is a beautiful, bustling location for your next exhibition.


We have four spaces for exhibitions: the loft, the stairwells, the pop up shop and the foyer space.

All the spaces are bright and airy and within our characterful 19th century building. They are open throughout the week, including the evenings when shows are scheduled.

We are always delighted to hear from artists and groups looking to hold an exhibition.

art exhibition.jpg

If you would like to exhibit you should send us your contact details along  with examples of your work and/or an exhibition proposal in the first instance. We only offer an exhibition subject to a submission of work and reserve the right to hold an exhibition on this basis.
An exhibition will be offered and then confirmed once our conditions have been agreed by the artist and/or group.
We will keep all submissions on file so that if we are not able to offer you an exhibition in the first instance, then you may be approached at a later date.

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