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What We Do

Stable Foundations has supported over 175 people with learning and health disabilities to develop skills that allow them to gain greater, confidence, independence and lead fulfilled lives.

We support people to choose work, life and health and well-being goals on our independence scale and help them to work towards achieving these goals.

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We focus on three key areas...

  • Exploring and nurturing potential: People with learning and health disabilities usually have their needs assessed by the local authority. But delivering excellent care in support of someone’s assessed needs is only part of the story, and not everyone has an assessment.

  • Educating and inspiring society: People with learning and health disabilities have a huge amount to offer the world. But usually their input and influence is undervalued and ignored.

  • Involving the people we support throughout our organisation: This improves our services and makes it more likely that the people we support will fulfil their potential.

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